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Welcome. I'm so thrilled you're visiting my site, I truly hope you find something you will enjoy wearing, having in your home or giving as a gift.

I first took lessons in stained glass way back when I was in high school and made windows, lampshades, ornaments and boxes throught the years.  My workspace was greatly reduced when I move to California in 2003 so I put the glass aside.  Being creative is a necessary part of my sanity so after about a year I started to search for a new hobby and, thankfully, found a fused glass class to take, I could still work in glass but on a much smaller scale.  I started making pendants and small dishes.  I then had a need to do more so I took some soldering and beading classes and a jewelry making class.
Pictures of the results can be found on the following pages.

Please use the Guestbook or Contact Us page if you would like to leave a comment or ask a question.

Please us the Contact US page if you are interested in purchasing any item (Online purchasing will be available soon)

Again, thank you for visiting and I hope you will return soon.



The pieces in the Gallery have all been sold.  I cannot duplicate any item but can produce a similar piece.  Please use the Contact Us page if you have an interest in any of these pieces.
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